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Houston Federal Crime Defense Lawyer

Federal criminal charges are very different from the state criminal justice system. Federal agencies have considerable reach and resources, and their investigators and prosecutors tend to be a notch above. Federal court proceedings are governed by separate rules, the penalties for conviction tend to be stiffer (often with mandatory minimum sentences), and there are fewer options to negotiate a plea deal.

If you are accused of a federal offense, or the subject of a federal criminal investigation, it is absolutely essential to hire a lawyer with federal court experience. My name is R. Todd Bennett. I have practiced law for more than 25 years, including experience as an assistant prosecutor and a municipal court judge. Most importantly, I have successfully represented clients in motions, hearings, trials, sentencing and appeals in the federal courts.

I take my duty very seriously because I know that my clients and their families are depending on me to win their freedom or mitigate the potential punishments.

Comprehensive Federal Defense Representation

As a Houston federal crime defense attorney serving clients throughout Texas, I protect the rights of those who face all forms of federal charges, including:

  • White collar crime: People who are charged with white collar crimes are often professionals who never in a million years expected to be in a criminal defense attorney’s office. I fight to protect their reputations.
  • Mortgage fraud: Accusations of mortgage fraud are increasing as a result of the fallout of the collapsing real estate market. As real estate declines in value and property foreclosures increase, prosecutors are becoming more aggressive in filing these charges.
  • Federal business fraud: The legal defense for individuals charged with health care, insurance and accounting fraud hinges on whether the acts were intentional or unintentional.
  • Environmental crimes: I have a strong background successfully defending chemical and petroleum companies accused of illegal dumping and groundwater contamination.
  • Drug crimes: I aggressively defend clients charged with manufacturing and selling drugs in Texas and across the country — both federal and state charges.

As a former prosecutor, I have the experience and insight to reach favorable resolutions to these and all other types of federal cases. As a defense attorney, I am knowledgeable about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, federal rules of evidence, constitutional defenses and other concrete details that may make a real and significant different in the outcome of your case.

I also use this knowledge to serve as an effective advocate for those accused of any kind of state level offense in Texas.

Free Attorney Consultation

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, contact me today at 713-489-7763 to schedule a free initial consultation.