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Fraud charges can be fought successfully

Anything involving financial transactions has to be handled carefully. One reason for that is so all parties involved are satisfied and don't have any regrets. Another reason is because there are many laws in Texas that govern financial transactions. Running afoul of those laws can result in being accused of fraud by angry people who feel that they were done wrong and having to defend against those accusations in court. Of course, some people who are accused of fraud win in court. One of the ways to win is by getting the case dismissed.

That happened in a recent case, when a lawsuit filed under the False Claims Act was dismissed by a Texas federal judge. The whistleblower lawsuit had been filed two years ago. Often, cases like this can take a long time to work their way through the system on the way to their final resolution.

Proving innocence in assault cases can be done

Texas takes a dim view of assault cases and is famously tough on those who commit assault. For that reason, anyone who is accused of assault in Texas should take it very seriously. There may be circumstances where a lawyer may be able to credibly argue against a conviction and prevent or moderate the legal consequences for the defendant they represent. Of course, even more importantly, the defendant may not be guilty, and may need that proven by their lawyer in a court of law.

One former Texas police officer was found innocent in his case, even though it may have seemed that the deck was stacked against him. His case is an example of why people accused of assault who want to prove their innocence should fight to do so.

Theft accusation made at popular shopping center

Being accused of theft in Texas is very serious. Indeed, Texas has a reputation for being particularly tough on theft. That is why anyone accused of theft should immediately seek out experienced legal representation. Recently, a Texas woman was accused of theft of merchandise from the Houston Premium Outlets, a very popular shopping center with an array of different stores that is frequented by a high volume of shoppers every week.

The woman is accused of theft from four stores at Houston Premium Outlets: Carters, Gap, Osh Kosh, and Express. All of those stores are known for selling trendy items of apparel as well as everyday clothing items.

Assault charge involves opposite contentions

In an assault case, multiple things need to be determined. Those include exactly what happened, what fault there was and what mitigating circumstances, if any, there were. All of those will undoubtedly be looked at in regard to a current Texas case in which a police officer is being charged with aggravated assault by a public servant, which is a first-degree felony.

The charge was just announced by the Harris County district attorney and stems from an incident in which the officer is said to have kneed a drug suspect in the face. The suspect, who had been trying to sell crack cocaine, was 52 at the time. The officer allegedly kneed the suspect in the face when they were at a gas station.

Houston men accused of pawn shop thefts

Every business that has sellable property on the premises is at risk of property and theft crimes, especially after hours when there are few or no staff members on site to protect the items. That is certainly true for pawn shops, which base their business on accumulating items that can be resold at a profit. Recently, two Houston residents were accused of being responsible for burglaries at multiple pawn stores in Texas.

According to authorities, two masked men held up one pawn shop and smashed a glass case with jewelry in it, grabbing and taking all that they could. Other pawn shops in Texas were also robbed in quick succession, and authorities believe that all of the robberies are connected and were probably committed by the same two men.

The debate over psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are still illegal in every city and state in America. However, now that the substance has been decriminalized in Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California, people are wondering why policies on hallucinogens are changing.

Here is the general debate for and against the legalization of the drug many call “magic mushrooms.”

A confident eyewitness could still be wrong

Have you ever heard that people's memories change over time? It's true. You probably think that every memory you have is accurate, assuming that the only problem is when you can't remember something at all. The science tells us that some of your memories are probably false, though, no matter how real they seem.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but much of it has to do with outside information. It can taint the memories that you have. As you bring them up and recall them, this information can get filtered in and change that memory.

Youth should learn about domestic violence in school, says judge

Talking about domestic violence is never pleasant, but doing so can save lives. A Texas judge believes that applies to high school students and has made it her mission to visit their schools and talk about the topic. The judge, Inna Klein of the 214th District Court, believes that domestic violence is common and recently went to Moody High School to talk about her views.

Klein is in charge of a domestic violence court in Nueces County, so she has presided over many cases in which someone was accused of domestic violence. She talks to students about the signs of domestic violence, and what to do if they see those signs in their own relationships or in the relationships of friends and family members. She also talks about the legal terms for domestic violence and the penalties incurred by those who are found guilty of committing it.

Switching price tags can get you arrested

People who might never shoplift outright may attempt to get an extra discount on the merchandise they purchase by switching price tags to pay a substantially lower amount. Technology has advanced and made this more challenging with the use of RFID tags and barcodes, yet people still manage to get away with some price tag switches.

Until they get caught. One man in another state attempted to dupe Walmart out of a great deal of money by switching tags on $1,800 worth of merchandise and using the self-checkout lane to ring up only $3.70 on the register. He was caught.

Yes, legal drugs can lead to drug charges

In recent years, the way we view illicit drugs has changed significantly. Prescription drugs, like Oxycontin, that were once thought to be safe are now having worse effects on the body than long-time illegal drug, marijuana.

As the difference between illegal and legal drugs continues to blur, it’s important for people to understand that legal drugs can still be used illegally. Here are just a few ways that using legal drugs can lead to criminal penalties.

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