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Houston Attorney For Charges of Wire And Mail Fraud

Charges of mail and wire fraud arise from any alleged use of the mail, phone, internet or other related communication methods to perpetuate fraudulent activity.

Prosecutors are often able to add wire and mail fraud charges to an indictment that originates from other white collar crimes. It is rare to see charges of identity theft, mortgage fraud, Medicare fraud, business fraud and all other forms of fraud, without them having wire and mail fraud charges added to the indictment.

Consequences Of Conviction

These serious charges — primarily stemming from federal statutes and often tried in federal court — carry harsh consequences if you are convicted:

  • The maximum punishment for wire and mail fraud charges is between 20 and 30 years (depending on whether a financial institution was affected by the fraud) for each count.
  • If convicted, a person will likely face a significant prison sentence due to the harsh penalties called for under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
  • Those convicted of wire and mail fraud will have a criminal record that can adversely affect them for the remainder of their lives.

Defenses Against Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

I am R. Todd Bennett, and during my more than 25 years of practicing law, I have gained the insight and skills necessary to successfully defend clients against serious federal charges such as those stemming from wire and mail fraud. As an attorney who is board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, I am well-equipped to raise defenses such as:

  • No fraudulent activity: One of the best defenses is also one of the most straightforward. The person’s conduct was not fraudulent. Maybe someone else’s was, but this person’s was not, and here are the reasons why.
  • No criminal intent: Another effective defense involves showing how activity that would otherwise rise to the level of fraud is not fraudulent because the accused lacked criminal intent. Often, he or she is simply trying to provide a service, makes a mistake and is unaware that his or her actions may be improper.
  • Evidentiary issues: By attacking how police handled evidence, how prosecutors developed evidence and other related evidentiary issues, the evidence against you may be suppressed and may lead to your case being thrown out for lack of evidence.

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