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Allegations Of Choking Can Lead To A Felony Assault Charge

Domestic violence charges that include allegations of choking are high-risk criminal charges. Everyone faces stressful situations and disagreements that can lead to anger. Sometimes this anger can be expressed quietly; sometimes it comes out as shouting, and sometimes it crosses the legal threshold and comes out as violent acts such as choking that are strictly prohibited by law. After a heated dispute, each party may have contradictory accounts of what happened, which can lead to false accusations of violence or disproportionate charges.

Your future is at stake if you have been charged with this type of offense. Prompt legal advice is essential. For defense counsel right away after allegations of choking your spouse or significant other, contact me, attorney R. Todd Bennett in Houston, at 713-489-7763 or by email. As your attorney, I will defend you vigorously, regardless of what the charges are. It is my job to tell your side of the story.

These Are Serious Charges

Assault by choking is a third-degree felony assault in Texas – a serious charge that carries the possibility of years in prison. Unlike a spontaneous punch or shove, choking implies an intent to restrict the passage of air through one’s airway and to potentially do serious bodily harm. So if you’ve been accused of choking, it’s especially crucial to mount a strong defense. This is more than a typical domestic violence case.

Choking can occur in many contexts, but one of the most common settings is in the midst of a domestic dispute that escalates into violence. If you’ve been unfairly charged with felony assault by choking, I will use every legal tool available to get those charges dropped or reduced. And if there is no denying that some form of choking did occur, I will work to ensure that the consequences you face are not disproportionate to your actions.

Vigorous Defense Of Domestic Violence Charges Including Choking Allegations

When choking is a factor of domestic violence allegations, the alleged crime is classified as aggravated assault. Because I have represented many clients charged with many varieties of domestic violence in my 25 years of legal experience, I can help you navigate these charges with precision.

I can help you anticipate every hurdle along the way and take steps to protect your rights at every stage of your case. I will defend you vigorously if you are denied access to your own home and children when a restraining order is filed.

Get Your Defense On A Fast Track With A Legal Consultation

I have been serving clients with commitment, loyalty, honesty, integrity and passion for more than 25 years. I understand that life is messy and criminal charges such as domestic violence including choking can come to those who least expect them. I am personally invested in the success of each of my clients. I will work hard to help you obtain the best outcome available in your criminal case.

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