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What are the penalties for drug possession in Texas?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Drug penalties in Texas can vary widely and can have a significant impact on the freedom and future of the accused individual. For that reason, individuals facing drug charges in Texas should be familiar with what penalties are based on and how they can fight against drug charges and the potential penalties they carry.

What are drug penalties based on in Texas?

Drug penalties in Texas for drug possession charges are based on a number of different factors including:

  • The type of drug allegedly possessed;
  • The quantity of drug allegedly possessed;
  • How long the drug was stored or concealed;
  • If the accused individual allegedly possessed additional drug paraphernalia such as a scale or large amounts of case; and
  • Any past convictions the accused individual has.

Penalties for drug charges depend on the nature of the offense

Penalties for drug charges depend on the nature of the offense. Drug trafficking, drug distribution or drug manufacturing charges can be more serious than drug possession charges but drug possession charges remain significant. Misdemeanor drug charges can carry less time in jail, while felony drug charges can result in a year or greater in prison. The most serious felony drug charges in result in a sentence of life in prison. Drug charges are serious and the potential penalties accused individuals face are evidence of that.

The best approach for defending against drug charges is unique to each individual situation but it is important for accused individuals to know that different defense options are available. Criminal defense options can help protect against the potentially harsh nature of penalties associated with drug charges.


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