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Am I liable if my child commits a drug crime?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2018 | Blog |

In Texas, parents do not generally face criminal charges if their child commits a crime, although they may face some civil penalties. However, parents may face criminal liability in some instances if a child uses illegal drugs or commits a crime involving illegal drugs.

The actual consequences a parent may face may range significantly from case to case, depending on the knowledge or involvement of the parent. In some cases, a parent may face criminal consequences if a child commits a drug-related crime, even without the parent’s knowledge.

If your child recently received drug charges, it is certainly in your best interests and the best interests of the child to do everything you can to fight these charges. An attorney with experience defending drug charges in Texas can offer you personalized guidance as you consider your legal options and take the steps necessary to protect your family and future.

Determining your own potential liability

While you generally do not face liability for the crimes of your child, if the crime involved illegal drugs and you either supplied the drugs or encouraged your child to consume the drugs or commit a drug related crime, you may face liability.

This could mean that your child found drugs you held in a private location and consumed them before committing a crime. Even if you did not know that the child was using the drugs, you may still face criminal liability because you supplied them.

It is also possible that you may face criminal liability if your child’s actions resulted from criminal neglect as a parent, or if you encouraged your child to partake in drugs or alcohol. The law is typically unkind to parents who encourage children to break the law.

Defending yourself and protecting your family

There are many factors that may play a part in your child’s charges and their implications for you. It is wise to carefully examine the specifics of your child’s case to identify grounds you can use to build a legal defense.

Even if the child’s charges have nothing to do with you and do not affect you legally, it is worth considering the strong impact a conviction may have on your child’s future. Drug convictions make it very difficult to continue education, obtain employment and secure housing.

However you choose to address your child’s drug charges, do so quickly. The longer you wait to construct a strong legal defense, the fewer options you have, and the greater the opportunities for the prosecution to secure a conviction. Do not hesitate to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family.


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