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Man turns himself in after Texas drug raid

On Behalf of | May 5, 2014 | Drug Charges |

A Graham man turned himself into law enforcement on May 1 following a drug trafficking sting in North Texas two days earlier, according to the Young County Sheriff’s Office. Police said that the April 29 sting in the Dallas area involved arrest warrants for 30 suspects, 26 of whom were detained as a result of the sting. The Graham man was one of four people for whom police were still looking after the raid, police said.

According to Young County authorities, the Graham man walked into the county’s Law Enforcement Center with a lawyer at about 10 a.m. Police booked the Graham man into jail on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity involving the possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. Within three hours of turning himself in, the man posted bond of $100,000 and was released, authorities said.

The April 29 raid was part of a multi-agency operation that has been ongoing for more than three years, authorities said. Police said they are still looking for three suspects in relation to the sting.

Since the Graham man turned himself in, he may potentially seek to negotiate a plea bargain with the help of his lawyer. Prosecutors may be more willing to negotiate reduced charges and lesser penalties when the defense shows an intention to cooperate.

For example, the drug charge that the man faces is considered a felony and might result in several years in state prison and substantial fines if convicted. However, a criminal defense attorney may hypothetically negotiate an agreement whereby the accused enters a guilty plea to a lighter offense in exchange for mitigated penalties. Those penalties may include a limited prison sentence, substance abuse treatment, community service, probation or all of the above.

Source: Texomas Homepage, “North TX Drug Trafficking Sting Suspect Turns Self In”, May 02, 2014


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