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2 Texas residents facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2014 | Drug Charges |

After a citizen called police to report a suspicious vehicle, two individuals were taken into custody in Anderson County on April 13. The pair were charged with drug offenses and public intoxication. An Anderson County sheriff’s deputy received a call at 7:55 p.m. regarding a blue Kia Sportage parked in front of a gate.

When the deputy arrived, she found two individuals in the vehicle. A female passenger exhibited erratic behavior and the male driver was unconscious. As the passenger exited the vehicle, the deputy noticed what she believed to be marijuana on the floor of the vehicle. According to the deputy, neither individual could stand up, and both were slurring their words.

Shortly after searching the vehicle, the deputy reportedly discovered 6.4 ounces of a drug inside a ziplock baggie that tested positive for methamphetamine in a field test. Additionally, the officer found 2 ounces of marijuana in the vehicle distributed on the floorboard and in metal tins in the console.

Both individuals were taken into custody on charges of second-degree felony possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1 (4 to 200 grams), possession of marijuana under 2 ounces and public intoxication. They were fined $299 for the charges of public intoxication, and also given a $750 bond for the marijuana charge and bonds of $20,000 for the controlled substance charges.

Felony charges are serious and carry the potential to affect a person’s entire future upon conviction. In addition to severe legal penalties such as prison, fines and probation, felons frequently experience difficulty finding legitimate employment and housing. A legal professional may be able to mitigate the severity of the conviction.

Source: Palestine Herald, “Two arrested on drug charges”, April 15, 2014


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