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Incidents of domestic violence linked to struggling economy

On Behalf of | May 7, 2012 | Domestic Violence |

It’s no surprise that the economic recession has affected Texas families in many ways. As individuals lose their jobs, financial assets or their homes, it is not hard to believe they are under a tremendous amount of pressure as they try to help support their family. A recent study suggests that cases of domestic violence can be directly linked to a struggling economy.

According to the study, released by USA Today, police departments around the country have seen an uptick in the number of domestic violence calls since the economy took a turn for the worst. Nearly 40 percent of law enforcement centers have seen an increase in such cases over the last couple years. The Houston area is not immune from this national trend, as local officials have noted a similar pattern.

Worrying about losing a job or home may put level-headed individuals in a situation unlike any they have ever experienced. As such, the stress can cause them to have a momentary failure to use good judgment and get wound up in a situation they ultimately regret.

Furthermore, domestic strife caused by financial hardship can escalate into a very complex domestic situation in which the police are called, but no physical altercation even occurred. Still, cops may apprehend someone involved in an intense confrontation, even if there is no clear evidence that the disagreement became physical in nature.

As this study shows, the complex relationship between a person’s domestic and financial lives can result in otherwise inexplicable events. Knowing this, it is best for those involved in a domestic dispute to carefully consider and review all the facts of a case when faced with legal challenges. This way, there is a better chance the case will be resolved fairly.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Poor Economy Tied To Rise In Domestic Violence, Survey Finds,” May 1, 2012


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