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Man charged with aggravated assault for throwing a beer

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Violent Crimes |

Many of our readers in the Houston area were probably elated when the Astros won the World Series recently. But, when the Astros and their supporters participated in a victory parade through Houston shortly after their win, one fan allegedly took his celebrations farther than others, if the news reports are correct.

According to the reports, the suspect threw an unopened can of beer at Senator Ted Cruz, who was on a float in the victory parade, as the parade progressed through Houston. In fact, the reports allege that the can of beer actually struck Senator Cruz, who was not injured. However, it seems that the suspect was quickly identified out of the crowd and arrested. He is reportedly facing a charge of aggravated assault and is out on bond.

Defending against violent crimes

Although some may believe that it is comical that a person could be charged with such a serious crime as aggravated assault for simply throwing a beer, the fact is that if prosecutors can prove every element of the charge, then this suspect is in serious legal trouble. He will need to think carefully about the next steps in planning a defense strategy.

Defending against violent crime charges can be quite a bit more difficult than other charges because in a violent crime there is an alleged victim. An injured victim can make a compelling witness in a criminal case, one who engenders sympathy while at the same time being the closest witness in the case. Anyone who is facing a violent crime charge in the Houston area needs to do their best to get the right information about their legal options.



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