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Understanding fraud charges

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Accused individuals can wind up facing fraud charges in a variety of different situations. Fraud charges are usually based on allegations that the accused individual employed some form of misrepresentation for personal gain.

Defining fraud

The penalties for fraud-related crimes can be stiff which is why accused individuals should understand what they are facing and how to defend themselves against fraud charges. Criminal defense protections and resources may be able to help with fraud charges.

Fraud charges can fall into different categories including theft by fraud, securities-type fraud, or white collar crimes. Examples of theft by fraud can include identity theft, shoplifting, credit card theft or fraud, credit card abuse, writing bad checks or forgery charges. Another common theft-related fraud charge can include embezzlement which involves the misappropriation of money or property lawfully in the accused individual’s possession.

Other types of fraud can include securities fraud or insider trading. Wire and mail fraud are other examples of fraud. Others include tax fraud, mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, bank fraud and insurance fraud. Individuals accused of committing fraud may face felony charges which can carry harsh penalties including jail time and imprisonment, significant fines and other potential penalties and consequences. The sentence the accused individual is facing can depend on the nature, types, scope and severity of the alleged charge.

It is important for accused individuals to understand the charges and penalties they are facing and to also understand their criminal defense rights and how to assert them when they are most needed. There are ways to tackle fraud charges and a strong criminal defense strategy may be the first step to help.


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