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Suspects arrested in 2019 homicide

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Violent Crimes |

Homicide is obviously the type of criminal charge where the stakes are at their highest for criminal defendants. Anyone convicted of homicide is likely to face years – or even decades – of a prison sentence. Defending against these charges is a tall order, but it can be done.

Two suspects who were arrested recently in the Houston area and who are now facing homicide charges are likely starting to plan their criminal defense strategies right now. According to reports, the two suspects were arrested and charged due to their alleged involvement in homicides that occurred back in September of 2019. The two victims in the case were a married couple in their 60s.

Although the news reports about the incident include various details from the murders from two years ago, the reports are light on details when it comes to how law enforcement officials connected the two suspects to the homicides. Nonetheless, the two suspects are now in custody and likely face a long road through the criminal justice system.

Protecting your rights

If you are facing a homicide charge, the details of your criminal defense strategy are crucial. You must put the prosecution to the test, as the burden lies with the state to prove each element of the charges in the case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” For more information about how our law firm attempts to help Texas residents who are facing these most serious of charges, please visit the homicide defense overview section of our law firm’s website. Your freedom and constitutional rights are at stake.


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