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NBA player and Texas native arrested on drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Drug Charges |

In Houston and across Texas, people might think that since marijuana is increasingly treated as if it is a relatively insignificant issue and there is a movement to have it legalized they will not face legal penalties if they are caught with it. That, however, is a mistake. Even people who have a small amount might find themselves under arrest and confronted with drug charges. In some situations, it can result in legal, personal and professional challenges that are hard to get past. After an arrest, having a plan to lodge a defense is a priority.

NBA player arrested at local airport with marijuana

A free agent player in the NBA who last played for the Los Angeles Lakers and hails from Texas was arrested at a local airport with marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Alex Caruso, 27, attended Texas A&M and was placed under arrest and charged with having less than two ounces of marijuana and the paraphernalia. Mr. Caruso was trying to get on a plane in the mid-afternoon when TSA agents discovered various items related to drug use including an herb grinder that contained marijuana residue. Law enforcement was called to the scene and he was arrested. He posted bond and was released. Mr. Caruso was a key component for the Lakers 2020 championship team and is currently a free agent.

A marijuana conviction can still cause a person problems

A conviction for possession, sale, distribution and trafficking of large amounts of marijuana will inevitably lead to a hefty jail sentence. People who think that because they had a small amount for their own use they will avoid harsh penalties should be aware that they too can be confronted with various consequences. Someone who has a high profile and is in a position where a drug conviction could negatively impact the future should be aware of the importance of a strong defense.

Even misdemeanor marijuana charges require experienced legal representation

In this case, although Mr. Caruso only had a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, he was still arrested and therefore should know that he needs to have a defense against these drug charges. For anyone in a similar situation, it is wise to consult with experienced professionals to move the process forward and try to achieve a positive result.



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