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An overview of the serious crime of fraud

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Fraud |

Some allegations of crime involve physical contact or violence. Others involve claims of depriving others of money or other assets. Both types of crimes are serious and can land Houston residents in a lot of legal trouble.

This post will focus on the crime of fraud and its various elements. It should not be used as a substitute for legal advice, and all readers who are dealing with allegations of fraud can benefit from contacting criminal defense attorneys for support with their cases. This post is informational in content and does not provide case-specific guidance.

The elements of a fraud charge

There are many types of fraud under the law. The crime of identity theft can constitute fraud, as can tax evasion. Other types of fraud include but are not limited to wire fraud, mail fraud, and insurance fraud.

Fraud is based on knowingly giving someone wrong information that they rely on to their detriment. An individual who is charged with fraud must be shown to have intentionally provided wrong or bad information to another person. Additionally, it must be proven that the alleged victim relied on the wrong information and that they suffered losses as a result. A criminal defense attorney can help an individual charged with fraud to ensure that their case is fairly prosecuted.

How to defend a fraud charge

There are different options for individuals to pursue when they are charged with fraud. The type of fraud that they are alleged to have committed with avail them to different defense strategies. Often, though, fraud defendants can pick apart the claims made by prosecutors on their cases to demonstrate that a complete case of fraud cannot be proven against them.

Like other crimes, fraud is a nuanced matter that can be difficult to understand and defend by a non-legal professional. Help is available to criminal defendants who want to protect their rights and futures. Though no outcome is ever guaranteed in the law, fraud charges can be mitigated and overcome in some situations.



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