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Texas real estate developer makes fraud accusations

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A real estate developer who found himself at the center of a controversy that involved allegations against the state attorney general is making news again. This time, the developer is alleging that a group of businessmen is working together to steal $200 million in real estate from him.

A copy of the complaint filed by the developer was made available to the media, and criminal law experts say that the information in the complaint raises questions regarding how the attorney general (AG) chose to handle allegations made by a donor to his campaign.

The problem began when the attorney general hired an outside attorney to investigate claims made by the developer. It did not take long for deputies working with the AG to report his actions to the FBI. Allegations against the AG include bribery, abuse of office and other accusations that resulted from the relationship he maintained with the real estate developer.

The developer is now naming 11 individuals that he says is part of a scheme to seize assets from him. He says the ringleader of the group is the owner of a chain of auto dealerships in Texas. Other players, according to the real estate developer, include lawyers, investors, a judge and another officer of the court.

The developer filed two “requests to investigate” documents with the AG. These requests initiated the revolt between the AG and staff members.

Investigators say the complaint by the developer is based mostly on secondhand information. The individuals named in the complaint are people with whom the developer has other business or legal disputes. A retired FBI agent expressed his belief that the accusations are frivolous after reviewing the complaint.

The AG dropped the case not long after the public became aware of the situation. He maintains he has done nothing wrong and attributes the controversy to the actions of a group of rogue employees.

Accusations of bribery and other types of fraudulent behavior can result in legal consequences and damage the reputation of the party accused of wrongdoing. Individuals who need to defend themselves against criminal allegations will have a better chance to do so with the help of an attorney who is well-versed in criminal law.


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