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Law school admissions violations lead to arrest warrant for theft

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

In Texas, there may be a perception that arrests for theft are related to burglary, armed robbery and taking someone else’s property by force. But it also happens quite frequently in other ways. Issues with financial misdeeds can include fraud, embezzlement and various aspects of white collar crime. College admissions, scholarships and an alleged theft involving them has led to a former law school dean facing an arrest warrant for financial improprieties.

Dean alleged to have stolen tuition money

The former dean, 52, is accused of a felony for awarding double tuition in scholarships to two students. He then had the students return to money and took it for himself. He had been expected to surrender to law enforcement, but failed to do so. This resulted in a warrant being issued. In the case, he is said to have used his position in the law school to enrich himself. He had been in his position as the enrollment officer in the admissions department since 1999. The improprieties were discovered as part of an audit and he was subsequently dismissed from his job in November of last year.

Understanding white collar crime and formulating a viable defense

People who are accused of white collar crime should know that the penalties can be just as severe if not worse than they are for armed robbery and other types of theft. Included in white collar crime is money-laundering, various forms of fraud, identity theft, Ponzi schemes and embezzlement. The man in this case is facing second-degree felony charges for his alleged behavior. This can result in extensive jail time and fines. In addition, his future can be severely compromised as he tries to find work in his field. A conviction for this type of crime will appear during background checks and can hinder the future in myriad ways.

Determining a defense strategy may require legal assistance

Given the nature of these charges and the potential legal and personal penalties this man may face if he is convicted, it is imperative that he understand how to craft an effective defense. There could be an opportunity for a plea bargain to reduce the charges. There may be issues with the details of the case that could result in an acquittal. No matter what, it is beneficial to have experienced legal advice from the start. Consulting with a firm that understands criminal defense of white collar crimes is the first step.


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