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Suspended Houston judge arrested for firing gun

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Everyone’s family is complicated, and no one is immune from family problems. We have all at least gotten into a heated argument with siblings, spouses, etc. No one can make us crazier than the ones we love the most, and sometimes, those heightened emotions can lead to unfortunate events. For some, those unfortunate events escalate and arrests and charges results. For example, one recently suspended Harris County judge is living this horrible reality.

The arrest

Texas District Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas was arrested at her home in Rice Military Wednesday morning. The police alleged that the judge fired a shotgun during a heated domestic dispute with her husband’s girlfriend Monday night.

As is always recommended for those about to be arrested, she called her attorney. She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and her bond is $10,000.

Prior suspension and election loss

Last year, the judge was indicted on federal wire fraud charges. She was then suspended last November because it was alleged that she misappropriated campaign donations for personal expenses. Most recently, she lost her re-election campaign in July, and her federal wire fraud trial from the misappropriating of $24,892 in campaign funds is set for November.

While this judge is falling on hard times, it is important to remember that she is entitled to a legal defense, just like every Texan. And, most importantly, she is innocent until proven guilty by the state beyond a reasonable doubt. For those facing arrest, charges, and the full force of the criminal justice system, they should contact an attorney immediately.



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