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Can you tell if someone lies about domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

Many domestic violence allegations are true and accurate, but not all. Maybe your significant other lied about you and said that you abused them when you did no such thing. Perhaps the two of you are involved in a divorce, for instance, and you think they’re lying to try to keep you from getting custody of the children.

If this happens, it can be very frustrating. Domestic violence allegations are nothing to take lightly, and they can change your life. Knowing that someone else is doing that to you and not being honest is hard to cope with.

So, how can you tell if they’re lying? What signs should you look for? You know that they’re not being honest, of course, but spotting the signs of a lie may help as you fight the charges. Some common signs include:

  • The person does not answer a question right away, but pauses or delays their answer as they try to think about what to say.
  • The person looks away and will not make eye contact.
  • The person instinctively touches their mouth while speaking.
  • The person swallows or clears their throat when answering a question. They may do it nervously or as a way to stall while thinking about what to say.
  • The person does minor grooming while talking. For instance, they may tuck in their shirt, straighten their tie or run a hand through their hair. These are all nervous actions as they avoid eye contact.

Just knowing the signs of a lie does not defend you against those allegations. Make sure you know what defense options you have.


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