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Proving innocence in assault cases can be done

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Assault |

Texas takes a dim view of assault cases and is famously tough on those who commit assault. For that reason, anyone who is accused of assault in Texas should take it very seriously. There may be circumstances where a lawyer may be able to credibly argue against a conviction and prevent or moderate the legal consequences for the defendant they represent. Of course, even more importantly, the defendant may not be guilty, and may need that proven by their lawyer in a court of law.

One former Texas police officer was found innocent in his case, even though it may have seemed that the deck was stacked against him. His case is an example of why people accused of assault who want to prove their innocence should fight to do so.

The former officer shot a man who appeared to be breaking into a truck. It was later determined that the truck belonged to the man. At that point, it didn’t look good for the former officer. However, he got a lot of support from his peers, including the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), who contended that the shooting was justified.

The basis for that contention was that the man who was shot was high on heroin and marijuana at the time. The man reportedly got violent with the former officer, and as a direct result of his violent actions, wound up getting shot. Because of that, a spokesman for CLEAT said that the officer did nothing wrong.

Every assault case has unique circumstances. A good attorney with a proven track record of working with defendants who have been accused of violent crimes can document those and determine the best approach for their clients.


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