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The way we consider illicit drugs is changing

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Blog, Criminal Defense, Drug Charges |

Within a relatively short period of time, this country’s attitude toward certain drugs has changed a lot. Some doctors are now prescribing drugs that used to be illegal, while others are discouraging prescriptions that were once commonplace.

Here are just a few examples of how people are changing the way they think about some drugs.


Drug prevention groups used to educate children to stay away from pot. Today, however, Texas is surrounded by states that have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, despite the federal government’s label on the substance as having no medicinal capabilities.

One-fifth of the country’s states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana and medical marijuana is legal in a total of 33 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

As studies on both sides look to either support or deny the health effects of marijuana, it’s can be confusing to regard the substance. On the West coast, marijuana is totally okay to use for those 21 years and older. Here in Texas, possession of less than 2 ounces of pot is a crime, punishable by up to 180 days in county jail and fines up to $2,000.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Propelling off of the research for the benefits of marijuana, attitudes toward psilocybin mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms,” are also changing. Some professionals have suggested that “micro-dosing,” the practice of taking a very, very small amount of the substance, can lead to better problem-solving skills.

Others have suggested that the substance could be used to help the terminally ill face death. However, possession of psilocybin mushrooms in Texas could lead to hefty fines and possible jail time, depending on the amount that is discovered.


Opioids, like Oxycontin, used to be regarded as a typical way to help patients dealing with chronic pain. Today, there have been hundreds of lawsuits – some brought by states – against opioid manufacturers and distributors for endorsing the use of this highly addictive drug. In 2017, there were 47,600 Americans that died from opioid overdose – including prescriptions, synthetic opioids and heroin.

Amidst this epidemic, the legal status of prescription opioids like Oxycontin has not changed, despite many people recognizing how dangerous these drugs can be.

When you’re facing charges

If you or someone you know is facing charges for possession of any of these drugs, there are many defense options that you could have at your fingertips by consulting with a skilled Criminal Defense attorney. A lawyer who understands the changing attitudes toward these drugs can use this to their advantage in negotiation tactics.


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