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Were you falsely accused of domestic violence in Harris County?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Being accused of domestic violence can be a nightmare scenario for defendants. There are many elements that factor into allegations of domestic abuse — and perceptions are not always reality.

Unfortunately, even being accused of domestic violence can have a chilling effect on an individual’s career, child custody and visitation arrangements and even social standing in the community. Even when charges are later dropped for lack of evidence, the stigma from the arrest and allegations are like a miasma surrounding the falsely-accused person. Careers may never rebound, as some arrests preclude individuals ever working again in certain professions.

Elements of domestic abuse

It’s important to understand that there often are significant psychological issues involved in the cycle of abuse. There are two emotional dynamics that contribute greatly to domestic violence. Some alleged abusers are taught — by word or deed — that they are “less of a man” if they don’t control their partners and spouses.

Often, too, spouses believe they are linked by a fantasy bond to the person with whom they share unhealthy or destructive relationships. Some people might feel that they are destined to spend their lives with their spouses even when the relationships have clearly hit the skids.

To some degree, society as a whole is to blame for the perception that men have to be powerful and strong while women are yielding and gentle. Those stereotypes may make some couples feel uncomfortable for not conforming to what they believe are traditional male and female roles.

But was it really abuse?

No one should try to negate the terrible toll that domestic violence wreaks on families. But it’s also important to note that not all accusations of abuse are credible. Spouses frequently accuse their partners of untrue but horrible acts to gain the upper hand in custody and divorce proceedings.

Then, too, accusers may truly believe they have been abused when the actions did not rise to the legal definition of domestic abuse.

Trying to hash anything out with your accuser after a domestic violence arrest can lead to additional and even more serious charges being leveled against you. Instead, focus on building a strong and credible defense to the spurious allegations against you.

It’s possible to shed the stigma of a domestic violence arrest, and that should always be a major goal when launching your defense.


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