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Prosecutors may seek death penalty against dad

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

When people in Texas hear or read reports of defendants charged with serious crimes like murder, one of the challenges can be to remember that every defendant is innocence until proven guilty. These early reports often made right after the death of someone or after an arrest or initial arrest are often emotionally charged and generally offer very few details. The lack of detail is important as that information left out may make a big difference in identifying whether or not a person is actually guilty of the crime as alleged.Last

Last autumn, a girl who was only three years old was found dead in a tunnel beneath a road. Since her body was found, her adoptive father has been arrested and was most recently charged with child abandonment, tampering with evidence and capital murder. Based upon the capital murder charges, there exists the possibility that the prosecution team may pursue the death penalty as a consequence in the case if in fact the man is found guilty.

Once again, very few details are given as to what has led to the charge of capital murder. Reports have indicated that he father acknowledged he took the girl’s body from the home once he believed that she was no longer alive. How she died and her father’s role in the matter will be reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation and trial.

People who are under the legal and criminal microscope for serious violent crimes might want to connect with a defense attorney to understand how they may protect themselves.

Source: CNN, “Texas father charged with capital murder in adopted girl’s death,” Phil Gast, January 12, 2018



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