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How serious are false rape accusations?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Violent Crimes |

An allegation for a crime such as rape is always a serious matter. When there is a chance that allegation could be false, a person’s reputation, mental and physical state are on the line. Looking for truth in a rape case can be complex, but it is important to know about recent accounts and other information regarding fale accusations in Texas. 

False accusations do not typically reach the public spotlight only to fade into the background within a matter of months. Daily News informed readers of a case in which a Texas teenager faced felony charges for making a false rape accusation against three black men. The 19-year-old had run into a church wearning minimal clothing with cuts; however, rape kits did not show evidence that the woman had been assaulted. Authorities later found that the teen had staged the incident to mask a prolonged and underlying issue of her own self-harm. The consequences included a charge for tampering with physical evidence and tampering with government record. Furthermore, the teen could face up to 10 years behind bars.

Quartz magazine also weighs in on the consequences of making a rape allegation on false grounds. Although false accusations can ruin someone’s life, dismissing ambiguous allegations altogether could enable actual rapists to walk freely. Contrary to the report by Daily News, Quartz uses statistics from the National Registry of Exonerations to show that, since 1989, there have only been 52 cases where men convicted of sexual assault were exonerated for reasons of false accusations. This number pales in comparison to the 790 cases in which individuals were exonerated for murder. Some accusations, however, reach formal court, and Quartz speculates on the many reasons why some women go through this trouble only to later retract their statements. Shockingly enough, many parents pressure women to make rape allegations; others are desperate for an alibi, have ulterior motives, mental illness or are seeking revenge.    






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