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Standoff at Dallas hotel ends with Van Alstyne man’s surrender

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

When news of incidents of domestic violence in Houston are released, most may likely assume that their consequences were limited to the couple involved. Yet oftentimes, domestic disturbances have a tendency to involve outside parties. Disputes between couples and family members can often get so heated that they attract the attention of neighbors and passersby. In some instances, they might even spill out into the public eye, occurring outside of one’s home or in a restaurant or supermarket. Whenever other parties become involved with a couple or family known for such disputes (either by trying to intervene or simply attempting to associate with one of the parties), they may ultimately end up dealing with the consequences, as well.

Such may have been the case in shooting that recently occurred in Dallas hotel. At the center of the incident was a Van Alstyne man whom neighbors say had a long history of domestic violence incidents with his wife and son. Local law enforcement officials confirmed that they had been called to the family’s home multiple times. The man eventually surrendered to a SWAT team after he had forced his way into one of the hotel’s rooms and shot another man in the leg. A woman was also in the hotel room, although authorities have not disclosed whether it was the shooter’s wife. They did confirm, however, that the incident appears to be a case of domestic violence.  

Domestic violence is often the byproduct of extreme emotions gone awry. People who hold their spouses or significant others in such a high regard can often see their feelings quickly turn to anger, prompting them to act in ways they otherwise might not. Those who find themselves needing to be defended for such actions may be wise to seek the services of an attorney.

Source: KXII-TV “Van Alstyne man arrested in connection with Dallas hotel shooting” Dominguez, Alexis, July 06, 2017


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