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Defend your future against drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Drug Charges |

When you face drug charges, you quite literally face a turning point where your life may go any number of directions — and most of them are unfavorable. A drug conviction can make living a healthy, productive, safe life much more difficult.

Whether you were wrongfully accused of a drug crime, or if the charges were partially fair and you made a mistake, the truth of the matter is that a drug conviction can carry such strong penalties that even those who do commit drug crimes rarely deserve the severity of the punishment prosecutors recommend.

When you fight drug charges, you fight for the opportunity to live a life where you do not pay for a misunderstanding or mistake for many years to come.

Drug convictions have a way of hanging around, long after you might pay your debt to society.

Many ways to fight a drug conviction

In general, drug charges depend on the strength of the evidence and degree to which the arresting officers and prosecution follow legal guidelines as they initiate and bring charges against you.

Police and prosecutors must abide by the law every step of the way when they bring charges, so it will be crucial to examine your arrest to determine whether the arresting officer violated your rights in the process.

Similarly, it is possible to compel the prosecution to produce the evidence against you. If they cannot produce the substance you supposedly had, their case will suffer.

Even if they can produce the evidence, it is possible to insist on a laboratory test of the substance, to determine if it is the substance you supposedly had. If the laboratory test does not match your charges, or return inconclusive results, your defense strengthens greatly.

These are only some of the many tools that an experienced attorney can employ to fight for your future and your rights.

Do not wait to begin building your defense

If you wait to begin working on the strongest defense you can build, the state has that much more time to build a case against you. You should not make the mistake of gambling like this with your future. No one deserves to spend years behind bars for a simple mistake, especially one without violence.

With proper legal guidance, you can ensure your rights remain protected throughout the defense process as you explore all your options for securing and defending your future.


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