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What is considered a cybercrime?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Theft Charges |

Even if you would never knowingly commit a crime, that are several ways that you can accidentally violate online laws that can lead to serious consequences in Texas. Enigma Software details the various actions that can be deemed a crime, whether they were meant to be malicious or not.


First is cyberstalking. Some online stalkers harass a victim’s friends and colleagues in an effort to slander and generally bother the targeted person as well. There are other actions that can be considered cyberstalking, though they are less direct. If you are trying to monitor another person’s online activity, you can be considered a stalker, no matter what your motive is.


Next is online harassment, which is generally a term you may associate with cyberbullying. While this is usually thought to occur among teens, there are adults who claim to be victims. Some report receiving threats via messages or posts that are generally sent over social media, but this may not always be true. Communication can sometimes be misinterpreted as threatening, even if that was not your intent as the sender.


Invading someone else’s privacy can also land you with a cybercrime charge that is punishable by law. This could be anything from reading a friend’s emails to monitoring activity online. Hacking into someone’s computer is also considered an invasion of privacy.


It is important to protect yourself against cybercrime, but it is also vital to guard against any unjust accusations. Since your intent is difficult to interpret online, it is better to talk in person if you have something upsetting to discuss. You should also be aware that these actions that can lead to charges of cybercrime, no matter what your reason for performing them.


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