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Phony Texas store robbery ends with real arrest of manager

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2012 | Theft & Property Crimes |

When a 22-year-old store manager told police that he and a clerk in his store were robbed on their way to deposit the store’s money, the last thing he probably expected was to be arrested and charged with theft. Unfortunately for the accused manager, the police in Temple, Texas, had prior experience with phony robbery reports.

According to the police, the store manager claimed that they were confronted by an armed robber who hit the clerk in the head with a gun. Police investigating the October robbery report became suspicious of the story. Eventually, another worker at the store confessed his involvement in the scheme and agreed to cooperate with the police. In exchange for his cooperation, prosecutors offered the worker a sentence of probation.

The store manager was charged with felony theft following his arrest earlier this month. According to police, the store manager and his accomplice staged the fake robbery in order to cover their theft of money from the store.

The far-reaching consequences of a felony theft charge conviction include a criminal record. A felony conviction can prevent a person from obtaining employment, student loans or housing. A criminal defense attorney may be able to assist a person facing theft charges to avoid the harsh consequences of a felony conviction.

A defense attorney may formulate a strategy to aggressively attack the evidence the prosecution intends to offer against the accused at trial. Because the testimony of the accomplice will be a key element of the prosecution’s case against the store manager, the defense strategy could focus on attacking the statement from the accomplice and the self-serving motivations behind it. Successfully attacking the prosecution’s evidence may result in plea negotiations leading to reduced charges.

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