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Houston judge hands down 14 year sentence

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2012 | Criminal Defense |

This week, a 46-year-old Daisetta man was sentenced to spend over 14 years in prison. The criminal charges came after an investigation involving police departments from Houston, Beaumont, and Daisetta, as well as agents from the FBI.

The man was convicted for a pair of bank robberies that took place earlier this year. Over the course of three days, he robbed one bank in Beaumont and another in Houston, escaping with less than $6,000 in total. When he made a third attempt, this time in Daisetta, police officers intervened and arrested the man as he tried to get into a taxi. No one was injured in any of the three robberies.

After the man entered a guilty plea, the judge ordered him to serve 14 years and one month in a federal prison. The judge also ordered the man to pay approximately $5,300 in restitution to the Houston and Beaumont banks.

Bank robbery is a serious offense, and with it comes serious charges. In the space of eight days, this man’s actions led him into a prison sentence that will keep him behind bars until he is 60 years old. Due to the severity of such sentences, it’s important that judges and attorneys remember to approach each case individually. Every suspect and situation is unique, and a fair ruling can only be achieved by examining the individual factors in each case. Those who accused of committing a crime can help protect their rights by speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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