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Evidence tampering

Evidence is anything that provides proof about a matter in court. The evidence can be testimony, documents, and objects. Texas has laws about evidence tampering, and the state takes it very seriously.

Police searches

Federal and state police i have the authority to search the property of Texas residents if they have justification under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting searches on an individual's premises or vehicle to collect stolen items, illegal goods or proof of illegal acts.

Ruling may lead to bail reform

A judge ruled on April 28 that the bail system used by Houston-area authorities was unfair to poor offenders who cannot pay bail for low-level crimes. The ruling stemmed from a lawsuit filed by a woman who was held in a Texas jail for two days because she couldn't afford her $2,500 bail. The plaintiff in the lawsuit was a single mother who was charged with driving without a license.

Criminal charges could be based on government hacking

Hundreds of charges have been filed based on government hacking in a child pornography case. In this case, the FBI not only seized the servers used to host a child pornography site, it kept the site up and running in order to access user information and hack into the computers of site visitors in Texas and elsewhere. These included close to 9,000 devices located in 120 countries.

Man wanted in connection with home invasion, attack

Texas residents who may find themselves to be a person of interest in connection with a crime may want to know about a case that is unfolding in a major metropolitan area in the state. According to media sources, a warrant has now been issued for a man who is believed to have attacked a Fort Worth woman in her home Oct. 22.

19-year-old man accused of sexual assault of 15-year-old girl

Authorities have detained and charged a 19-year-old Texas man for the sexual assault of a minor. An arrest affidavit lists the minor as a 15-year-old girl who the Williamson County Sheriff's office interviewed in August 2016 as a reported runaway. It is unclear, however, whether the man and girl were together while the girl was a runaway.

Adequate representation and the right to a fair trial

The Sixth Amendment guarantees individuals in Texas and elsewhere across the country the right to a fair trial. Courts display a strong presumption that a defendant's lawyer is acting within the range of reasonable professional assistance at any given time. In some situations, however, a client might have been so poorly represented that a court could ultimately be justified in overturning a guilty verdict that was handed down in a previous trial.

Why some judges and prosecutors prefer plea bargains

Texas residents who have heard of plea bargains might wonder who benefits in addition to the defendant. One reason both prosecutors and judges might prefer a plea bargain in some cases is because it reduces the number of trials they must participate in. Both prosecutors and judges have busy calendars, and a plea bargain allows them to focus that time on more serious cases. Similarly, a plea bargain, which usually comes with reduced penalties, frees up prison space for people who are facing more serious charges.

Why hire a private criminal defense attorney?

Much like cancer, nearly everyone can name at least one addict they know or are related to. Understand that there is no judgment here; just help. No matter what the circumstances were or what your previous criminal record is, you are going to need a defense attorney. To take that a step further you are going to need a good defense attorney. Let's examine some reasons to hire an experienced defense attorney rather than going with a public defender or a lawyer with little criminal case background.

The true scarlet letter of a criminal conviction

We would all like to think society forgives and forgets easily when a person has committed a crime and paid their dues. However, this does not seem to be the case. Even for nonviolent crimes, the social stigma is very real and long-lasting. According to a Justice Department Survey in 2012, state records across the country contain a total of 100 million criminal records. That is a huge chunk of our population that has been charged with a crime. But even with this vast number of people, they are still faced with ongoing consequences.

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